Since 1994, Color Quality Club (ICQC) organized by the World Printers Forum (WPF), the print community within WAN-IFRA, is the only worldwide biennial quality contest for newspapers and magazines with an objective to improve print quality reproduction, while also increasing competitiveness and motivating the work group. It rewards the winners who adopt and print as per the international ISO standards.

The contest evaluation is based on objective technical measurements made on a print test element (WAN-IFRA “Cuboid” – Test patch). Winners of color quality  will gain one star for their successful color quality membership. These stars accumulated over the years helps the winners to get a  place in the Elite star Club and Millennium Club. Click below to know more.





The “Asian Best in Print”is annual print quality award contest for asian region , with an objective to prove and improve the quality of print reproduction while seeding the competitiveness among the workforce of the organisation, This will showcase the ability to print accordance to ISO 12647-3 and WAN-IFRA standards.

WAN-IFRA would recognise the top three winners and award Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in each of the classes.Know more,